By nature humans are a competitive bunch and love nothing more than good racing tips for making wise desicions when betting on the outcome of a horse race, a fact that is demonstrated by the amount of business done by the Tote and the UK`s numerous betting shops, on-course bookmakers and sports betting online.

Horse racing is an incredibly exciting sport to witness, especially on the course itself. The sight of up to twenty fit and beautiful animals travelling at speeds up to 45mph is absolutely spectacular. But imagine the added excitement if there is money on the outcome as well.

There is no doubt that the intricacies of placing a bet have become a science that needs to be learnt in order to succeed. There are innumerable permutations of courses, races and horses that go together with the complexity of the bets themselves. So where do you start?

There are two answers to that question: you can either gain sufficient knowledge and understanding of the racing industry and the betting system yourself or take some advice and racing tips.

Since the internet revolution began, the number of websites offering racing tips has grown hugely, which brings another quandary in itself: how do you know who is reliable and reputable and who is not?

Horse racing tips are offered online by many large firms backed by some of the bigger betting services. They are usually provided daily by email or on the website itself free of charge.

There are also services that claim to have `special` information and make a charge for each tip or require a subscription fee. So which are better and more accurate? The truth is neither – a racing tip is someone else`s idea of the likely outcome of a race.

So what does make a good tipping service? Perhaps it is a combination of many things, some tangible and some not. Those who swear by one particular service often say they have confidence in them; others chop and change, sometimes on a daily basis, or review several before placing their bets.

Tipsters gain their knowledge through experience and also through their access to inside information gleaned from stable staff or jockeys. They also often closely observe certain trends and might, for example, have a special knowledge of upcoming young horses.

They also make the best use of all of the information that is publicly available in the racing press and online. In addition, their knowledge will most likely extend to knowing the little quirks a particular trainer or horse exhibits and their likes and dislikes.

Taking all of this into account, it is worthwhile getting your racing tips from a reputable tipster, unless of course you have enough time and enthusiasm to discover all of the information that they know for yourself.